Our History

Authentic history

The history of Masseria della Croce is the core of its priceless uniqueness.

Puglia is notoriously a land rich in typical rural buildings and Masseria della Croce is a perfect example.

Built in the early 1600s, Masseria della Croce has been able to treasure its own history and turn it into its elegant and moving distinctive trait.

Ancient Masseria restored in Puglia | Masseria della CroceHistoric luxury masseria from the 19th century in Italy | Masseria della Croce

Its most remote memories

We can say for sure that Masseria della Croce has seen the succession of extremely different social groups through the years, being under the control of the Benedectine monks and the Knights of Malta.

The stone cross, “croce” in Italian, on the front of the Masseria is a trace of this extraordinary history and eventually has given it its own name. 

Precious restoration

After being acquired by Alberto and Serena, lovers and great enthusiasts of Puglia’s culture and history, the Masseria underwent a long and meticulous period of highly conservative restoration.

Every intervention has been guided by a strong sense of loyalty towards the ancient construction techniques of its original period. The intense work of precious master artisans and stonecutters has led to the complete recovery of all the nuances of the Masseria’s historical value, guaranteeing the preservation of the architectural heritage and biodiversity of the area.

Pure uniqueness

The faithful attention to the origins and heritage, at the core of this ancient house in Puglia, represents one of the most precious treasures and makes Maserria della Croce tangibly unique in its own territory.

Enjoy the charm of Masseria della Croce